Theatre To-Go is a group of artists from different pathways in the theatre community that have come together amidst the displacement in our career field due to the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to continue finding ways to produce work while being in isolation in various parts of the country, and to provide a resource for artists in need. You can support us by sending a donation through PayPal to, or by clicking on the button below. All proceeds will go towards the cast and crew involved. You can also help spread our message, and grow our network, by sharing our work wherever you see it.

Thank you, stay safe, and wash your hands.


Stephanie LaVardera


Andre Sguerra


Sarah Oravetz


Colin Hancock


Afton Paige Welch


Haley Jones


Colby J Herchel


Elizabeth Ruelas

Six strangers discover that they are having the same nightmare. As they begin to understand the ramifications of this shared experience, they wonder if it’s worth it to suffer together, or continue suffering alone. 

The Real Party series.

#TheRealParty #TheatreToGo