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DW Public Access is our attempt to bring supplementary education courses to those interested in learning more about their craft and careers amidst the shutdowns associated with COVID-19. We are a community of artists, coming together to teach using our skillsets and experiences, with the hope of providing resources to those who may have found their schooling prematurely shuttered due to the necessary public health regulations. You can support us by sending a donation through PayPal to, or by clicking on the button below. All proceeds will go towards the educators involved. You can also help spread our message, and grow our network, by sharing our work wherever you see it.

Thank you, stay safe, and wash your hands.

A 4 week course on how to properly write a short play, currently in session. Check back later if you're interested in taking this course in the future, or email at the address below. To submit please send your payment through the Donate button above, and email with your name, email, and a brief description of who you are. Only $10 for the full course, and all proceeds will go towards helping an artist displaced by COVID-19.

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