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Bad Examples with ex Reality TV Stars, Tracy DiMarco & Jessica Romano is a modern day advice podcast from two pretty, but pretty much unqualified people. If you have something you want talked about, message them on @badexamplespodcast.


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What is success? How do we measure it? Why do we value it? Who's asking you all these questions? Come find answers to these & more with people who run the gambit from "Succesful" to "David Andrew Laws."


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Alex & Tina are two curious gals on-the-go in NYC, who love all things beauty, wellness, and self-improvement. They're fascinated by what makes the modern woman thrive! They continue to ask the question, HOW can we optimize this ONE amazing life we have?



It's the latest innovation in “Entercation”! (That's entertaining education) We teach each other about randomly-chosen Wikipedia articles as we live, laugh, and learn (a little) on this stupid podcast for smart people! Hosted by David Laws & Liz McMonagle.



Gordon Boudreau plays Arthur Greenleaf Holmes, a poet of the perverse who spews his vulgar verses at Renaissance Festivals all over the country and now directly into your ears. You’ll laugh, you’ll wretch, you might even learn something.



Hosted by Julian Spevack and Karley Kamaris-Spevack, and about all things growth, personal development, and lifestyle. Focusing on the millennial generation, We're Just Talking dives deep on a variety of topic areas.



An erotic book club where we read and rate the best (and worst) fan fiction we can find. Read along with us and score for yourself whether these pieces are faithful to their sources, publishable works of literature, and (most importantly) erotic. 



Returning soon, Tajh and Alan take a journey through the greatest television show of all time, in the 90's. There's violence, strong language, adult content, all recapped during marathon binge sessions.



Theatre To-Go is a group of artists from different pathways in the theatre community that have come together amidst the displacement within our community due to the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you, stay safe, and wash your hands.



DW Public Access is our attempt to bring supplementary education courses to those interested in learning more about their craft and careers amidst the shutdowns associated with COVID-19. We are a coming together to teach using our skillsets and experiences