Shakespeare. Alcohol. Drinking Games. What more could thou want? Join MC, Cameron Clarke, and a troupe of intoxicated actors as they tackle Tragedies and Comedies alike. It's nothing to bite your thumb at.



Macbeth is the first attempt at drunkenly reading one of the finest works in the English language. As you all know, Macbeth is the story of a powerful Scottish general who, after encountering a group of weird witch-people, determines it is his destiny to become king. Drunk with power (and, in our case, drunk with beer), Macbeth and his wife Lady Macbeth attempt to cling to their status, but the Witches and the rest of the Lords of Scotland have other ideas. Oh, and there's a lot of impressions. And drinking games. And Shakespeare puns. And sex jokes. Join us for a fun and messy re-telling of one of Shakespeare's greatest tragedies.

Featuring: Cameron Clarke, Emily Gallagher, Whitaker Gardner, Lauren Lay,  Alex McSweeney, Ross Neal, Tyler Riley


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