DimlyWit Productions was founded as an outlet to present what we find funny, and explore comedic personalities. We produce everything exactly as intended, with no censorship, and we believe that comedy is a format that should never pull its punches. Listen with us, talk to us, and become a part of our family. Comedy comes from experience, so come share yours with us.

DimlyWit is funded through sponsorships, advertisement, donations, and the personal bank accounts of those involved. Give us your money, and we promise                 to do something with it. Something good too. Just $1 a month

                   would be enough. And any more than that would just be a

                       pleasant surprise. Everyone likes pleasant surprises. 

This is who we are. This is what we do. Join us and be apart of the madness, or fuck off and leave us alone. The possibilities are endless.

"Please remove me from this mailing list." - Former Mailing List Member

"Critics aren't responding to emails."

- DimlyWit PR Department

"I'm not really sure this is my kind of thing." - Our Mother's

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