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DimlyWit Productions was founded by independent producers for independent producers, as a means of pooling resources and creating the content we want. Since our induction we've worked with people from all walks of life to create productions that best serve them, and their community. Listen with us, talk to us, and become a part of our family. The best productions

come from experience, so share yours with us.

DimlyWit is funded through sponsorships, advertisements, donations, and the personal bank accounts of those involved. Give us your money,                and we promise to do something with it. Something good too.                Just $1 a month would be enough, and any more than that                            would just be like a really, really pleasant surprise.                                    Everyone likes pleasant surprises. 

"Please remove me from this mailing list." - Former Mailing List Member

"Critics aren't responding to emails."

- DimlyWit PR Department

"I'm not really sure this is my kind of thing." - Our Mothers

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